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Post by Douglas Gibbs on Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:16 pm

Just some basic information.

We use skype as a way to keep in touch with other members OOC-ly.Under no circumstance should you use the skype channel as a way to incite meta gaming or anything like that, you will be kicked from the chat instantly.You can talk about previous role play that already happened, or speak about anything OOC related like games, food, your country, .etc. But keep anything IC related out of it. You can call upon the members to hop In Game with you, or see who's In Game on there. Keep discussions of IC events or anything else related to a minimum.

Nathan wrote:Skype has always been a touchy subject in the past and currently. Skype doesn't really affect the way a faction runs as long as it is kept as a way to communicate out of character. By this I mean general conversation or boasting about how good the role-play was today/yesterday/last week. Skype is the number 1 cause of pre-determined role-play, and predetermined role-play ruins the enjoyment you get out of role-playing. I've never really understood how people can plan out a scene, take screenshots and enjoy it. Role-play should be unpredictable, you should get the enjoyment of not knowing what is going to happen next. I've witnessed first-hand factions predetermining role-play and it really is the downfall of a faction. You can't enjoy yourself when you know what's going to happen. Faction leaders have a major part to play in predetermined role-play and if I was a faction leader and I saw it, I'd ban it all together and remove people from my faction who do it. It's just not what LS:RP is about. Skype should be a way of communicating after the role-play has finished, or discussing issues internally. It's like IRC shouldn't be a place to determine how you're role-play is going to go

In order to gain access to the skype channel one must role play with us for around two or three days before asking me or anybody else to be added.

Faction Strike
We have a faction-strike policy running here, what that means is if you break the server rules, get ajailed or such, you will be warned/striked.After three strikes you will be OOC kicked from the faction, but I believe that after the first warning most people will be able to learn from their mistake.

Q:Do I need permission to post screenshots on the thread?
A:No, you don't, you can always post screenshots on the thread.I don't like putting restrictions and stuff but please make sure your screenshots are looking decent, such as re-sizing them and stuff.If you do not know how to edit screenshots, please use THIS guide, you can only see it after being added to the Residents usergroup, so be patient if you haven't been added yet.

Q:How do I view the rest of the forums?

A:In order to do that you will need to be added to the Residents usergroup.First thing you have to do is post a CK agreement HERE.After that, assuming we've seen you in character and such you will be added to the usergroup.

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